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In an effort to provide superior service we embrace the methodology of collaboration. We utilize the latest technological advances to allow all of our staff, regardless of location, to work together to serve our clients. Certain practice areas utilize Transaction Point to enable the access and flow of information to all individuals involved in a given transaction via a secure web portal. At Colby & Mincey, PLLC we have highly trained staff and provide them with the tools to succeed for the benefit of our clients.


  Brandon M. Colby, Esq., Partner brandon.colby@colbymincey.com
  Carrie Lofthus Mincey, Esq., Partner carrie.mincey@colbymincey.com
  Alexandra M. Cornelius, Esq. alex.cornelius@colbymincey.com


Real Estate

  Barbie Smith barbie.smith@colbymincey.com
  Erin Setzer erin.setzer@colbymincey.com
  Mallory Baty mallory.baty@colbymincey.com

Real Estate Coordination

  Kent Lofthus closings@colbymincey.com

Title Search

  Laura Lofthus laura.lofthus@colbymincey.com

Title Search Requests/Orders and New Contracts

title@colbymincey.com closings@colbymincey.com

Loan Correspondence (Closing package and other general loan information)


Post Closing